Non-playable characters from Tremor Remastered

NPC Spawn Sells
Archer Head Archer Unoccupied House
  • Item 40 Wooden Arrow
  • Стрела шута Jester Arrow (If EoC was killed)
  • Item 47 Unholy Arrow (If EoW/BoC was killed)
  • Item 516 Holy Arrow (If in hardmode)
  • Item 265 Hellfire Arrow (If in hardmode)
  • Item 3003 Bone Arrow (During Bloodmoon)
  • DragonGem Dragon Gem (If EoW/BoC was killed) - increases life regeneration during night.
  • ArcherGlove Archer Glove - increases ranged damage by 5%.
  • Crossbow Crossbow - uses arrows as ammo.
  • Quiver Quiver (If EoW was killed) - grants a 20% chance not to consume ammo.
Knight Head Knight Unoccupied House
Sorcerer Head Sorcerer Unoccupied House
  • Bunny
  • Golden Robe (If EoC was killed) - decreases magic damage, increases maximum mana.
  • Golden Hat (If EoC was killed) - decreases magic damage, increases critical strike chance.
  • Enchanted Shield - decreases magic damage, increases maximum mana.
  • Bloomstone (If EoW/BoC was killed) - player emits lights during night.
  • Lightning Tome (If EoW/Boc was killed) - magic weapon that shoots circular lightning bolts that bounce off walls.
  • Burning Tome - magic weapon that shoots fireballs.
  • Razorleaves Tome - magic weapon that shoots leaves.
  • Starfall Tome (If EoC is dead) - magic weapon that shoots star falling from the sky.
  • Mana Dagger (If in Hardmode) - magic weapon that shoots magic returning daggers which restores mana on returning if hit an enemy.
Witch Head Witch Goodie Bag in inventory
Elf Head Elf Suspicious Looking Present

in inventory

ArabianMerchant Head Arabian


Spawns after killing the Rukh
Chef Head Chef Spawns if Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu

are killed