The Archer is an early, Pre-Hardmode NPC that spawns when you have an empty house for him.

Item Available Effect Price
Wooden Arrow Wooden Arrow Always None 5 CopperCoin
Jester's Arrow Jester Arrow After EoC is killed None 1 SilverCoin
Unholy Arrow Unholy Arrow After EoW/BoC is killed None 40 CopperCoin
Holy Arrow Holy Arrow Hardmode only None 80 CopperCoin
Hellfire Arrow Hellfire Arrow Hardmode only None 1 SilverCoin
Bone Arrow Bone Arrow During Bloodmoon None
Dragon Gem
After EoW/BoC is killed Increases life regeneration during night
Archer Glove
Always Increases ranged damage 60 SilverCoin


Always Uses arrows as ammo 1 GoldCoin


After EoC is killed Grants chance not to consume ammo 1 GoldCoin 20 SilverCoin

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